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Chairman Message

Dr. Makardhwaj KumarDr. Makardhwaj Kumar widely regarded as the pioneer of the primary health education movement in India.
The founder chairman of Jesus social welfare Society, Uttar Pradesh and the founder of Board of paramedical education, Lucknow (U.P.)
A nationally renowned practitioner of Dental Science.
Dr. Makardhwaj is an organizer, visionally author and teacher. Right from the initial stage of his medical education, recognized the value of reading the whole person consisting of physical aspect of individual as well as mental and dental aspect also.
Our purpose is to prepare you to be Students to your palliate, to be a teacher who will raise your palliate awareness and to be a header who will form a partnership with your palliate so that they can heal themselves.
At our institutes you will gather the knowledge a develop to become a paramedic. We wish good luck in your pursuit of a career in primary health and education. May your studies and hard work bring you love and companion .We welcome you to join this ever growing new generation of the true headers and practice in this grand adventure in the paradigm shift of one of the mankind is most prestigious profession.

Main Objectives of the Board of Paramedical Education
The objects are to prepare experience and desired candidates as skillful and famous health worker into communal medical service of oppressed humanity by our Co-ordinate centre’s/organizations to prepare extra Para Medical Technique to give the preliminary knowledge about health, after giving the knowledge towards the Primary Health Worker/Technical Additional Doctors and to register then as registered medical Practitioner to manage the dispensary for the sake of religion of Justice, to maintain the free medical aid’s camp and to try possible Primary Health Aid of Oppressed humanity and to manage all types of vocational/Technical education and training.

All these Course are only for those candidates who are working in a hospital/ a nursing home/ a dental clinic or in a medical institution that are posted as a private worker, so as the nurse, pharmaceulist doctors assistant Para Medical technicians etc but are institutionally untrained medically or retired (Government) Para Medical Employer or experienced. Private medical practitioner who are working since several years or those candidates who cannot succeed in passing any government authorized degree/diploma courses and those have interested yet in medical treatment and practice medical trade privately and like regular and correspondence based study ,or candidates who are very poor and unable to pay the prescribed lee for the higher medical colleges, but have desire to serve the society having living the respectful life .They can act in depend entity in the supervision of a medical colleges, but have desire to serve the society having living the respectful life.

They can act in depend entity in the supervision of medical specialist or in Government laws in their best as in correspondence or regular training with the board. The course or the board are not able to register the Government registration but can able to nominate/admit in any employment exchange in authorized competent person or officer can appoint after interview or examine writtenly in his special authority register in Government Board of the passed board course of study it depends upon his will and right. Many candidates are serving in Government/Non Government(private) organization nursing home etc.Who are the Diploma holder’s of such board you can also take part after training in growth of human society.

For Practical
Those candidate who has not any practical knowledge they added with private medical college/institution these have to give the practical knowledge for one or three months, which fees are to pay by them. If desired to gain that knowledge from any local nursing homes/hospitals clinics. That applicant who is working/serving in medical Institution, they has not any necessary to do practical here.

The course is employable but the government official can appoint upon his self desire without any government registration. They who has owned certificate can open/manage their own medical dental technical clinic or trade in any Indian Provide on behalf of the fundamental rights given by the Indian constitution and it under the laws/sub laws of the provincial and district administration are in the hand of a competent.

Board does a registration after those courses secured and only in condition after taking and doing any medical Job