Welcome to Board of Paramedical Education, Lucknow

This Board is affiliated and conducted by the society registered by Government of India under Society Registration Act of article 1860 of Central Government. That is a self Finance and self administrated society and is working in the area of the communal medical service with commercial education. The scope of society is all over India except Kerala. The Board is at emptive to secure the aim with several national and international organizations Society Propels its programmes in order to government concerns and world Health Organisation and other sister concerns as Unicef etc. The society is propelling its scope in optional treatment education-training with A.I.M.S., I.S.D.I.A.M (India), I.C.A.S. (U.K.) W.C.A.M. (Canada) International Open University Colombo, I.D.O.A.S Prasar Karyalay Italy. East West University of H.s (America) etc.